Hi, it's been a while.  You will notice that I've closed the ebook shop for the moment.
It's because of this weird tax law that has come in on the sale of digital content.  Hopefully
it won't be an issue for too long and I'll be able to open it up again.

Anyway, as you may know I've been doing a series called Left that so far, I've kept to selling
in print at comic shows and in a few local stores.  The plan now is to start putting it up here, two
pages a week, usually on Sundays.  With 3 issues already completed and 4th not too far away,
I've got quite a buffer, so this site won't be quite as quiet as it has been!

If you want to read a bit further then you can get the books in print from here.

Hope you enjoy series if you haven't read it before.  If you have, then thanks for buying it!

'til next time.


LATEST COMIC: 25/01/15

Left part 1 pg1
Left part 1 pg2


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