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Edinburgh Comic Art Festival - 25th November 2018


Hi folks!  It's been a little while since I last uploaded anything here.
I'm currently busy working on a couple of graphic novel ideas and the next
issue of MurMur.  There'll be more news on them soon I think.

For the next little while I'm going to be uploading some comics I've
been doing for the League of Comics meet-up I go to each month.
Hopefully you will find them amusing!
This Latest is called Jed Hammond: The Greatest Ukelele Player Ever?

'til next time,


LATEST COMIC: 11/06/17


Jed Hammond 1 

Jed Hammond 2

Jed Hammond 3

Jed Hammond 4

Jed Hammond 5

Jed Hammond 6

Jed Hammond 7

Jed Hammond 8


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