Edinburgh Comic Con - 14th-15th April 2018
Glasgow Comic Con - 30th June 2018


The Left Kickstarter was a success!  Thanks so much if you backed it.
I'm super excited to get the book out there!.  Once I've got all the Kickstarter
pledges fulfilled the book will go up for general sale on the Etsy shop.


MurMur #1 is now up in the shop and available to buy!
It contains two short stories, Magenta and Jed.
Magenta is an unhealthy story from the print shop

and Jed is the story of how the titular Jed made and lost his fortune.

The Saddest Whale and Other Stories is up now to buy on Comixology.
Street Circus, a comic I made ages ago that is no longer in print is also
on Comixology now as well so check that out if you want a rarity :)
Some other comics will be following it up there soon.

Also I've been putting up some drawings on my new Illustration page

'til next time,


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